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iMac Computer Services

Kernel Computer can repair all iMacs sizes, 20"-27".

(price subject to change)

Common Problems that you might have.

  • No Display

  • Computer Not Powering On

  • Bad Hard Drive

  • Bad Fan

  • Liquid Damage

  • Cracked Screen

iMac Cracked Glass Screen           $99.99+

This repair is to replace the broken glass in front of the LCD in the iMac.

iMac Storage Upgrade                 $129.99+

By upgrading your computer storage you will get a fresh macOS installation.

*All of your files will be transferred to the new system.,

Virus/Malware Removal                   $44.99

*for $9.99 more you get 1 year of antivirus.

Data Transfer                                  $44.99

Transfer all your data from your computer to another computer, USB, or external storage,

iMac Fan Replacement                 $84.99+

iMan Fan making loud noise or your iMac is overheating? This is the right repair for you.

iMac Broken LCD                         $199.99+

This repair is to replace the LCD which is responsible to show images on your display.

Computer Tune-up                          $74.99

Clean system files, settings adjustments, system update, optimize startup.

System Reinstall                  

MacOS - $84.99

Reinstalling your system is a great way to keep your computer running fresh.

*All your data will be preserved

Liquid Damage                              $124.99

Spilled liquid on your iMac? This is the right repair for you.

Physical Cleaning                          $24.99+

Clean your iMac inside and outside,

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